Creating Accessible Communities Through Design

Planning for the

We always focus on constructability when
planning out public spaces

Transporting Sustainable Communities
With Engineering.

We create detailed models that can be vetted and modified throughout the process.

We never compromise on Quality or Safety

Where the road ends and the sidewalk begins
Building static spaces for dynamic places

Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive engineering implementation analysis. Presented clearly to all Stakeholders.

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Civil Design

Designing great facilities around difficult constraints.

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Intersection Design

Innovating Safe intersections while maintaining standard grading and drainage.

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Master Planning

Planning communities with extensive engagement and alternative vetting. Transparently disclosing process.

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About our Company

Modern Transportation Engineering Firm, Providing engineering services within the emerging Active Transportation Industry.

About our CEO

Vignesh Swaminathan has been engineering and innovating in the Active transportation space since 2011. His experience in Planning, Design, Operations, and Construction, provide a thorough perspective to Infrastrucure.

We provide unsurpassed solutions to help communities move forward

We deliver Protected Bicycle Facilities
Here's why we are the best


Bringing PS&E Persepectives to the Planning Realm.


Following Best Practices from around the world.


Using Dynamic Models to allow for quick changes.

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Sustainable design practices are what set us apart

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